Celebrate 125 years of educational excellence with us

2016 marks the 125th anniversary of City College Norwich.To celebrate this landmark and tell our story we will be sharing the stories of people connected with the college, both past and present. Throughout the year there will also be special events to mark the enormous contribution that our college has made to the people, employers and community in Norfolk.

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What are your memories of City College Norwich?

Inspiring teachers, adventures with friends, life in Southwell Lodge?

Immortalise your memories and share your story with the world by completing the short form below and uploading your pictures (flares, mullets and fashion faux pars are especially welcome!)

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Stability and consistency

Here you will find the story of how City College Norwich has adapted and changed through the years. For 125 years our college has provided remarkable stability and consistency in delivering vocational and academic learning, apprenticeships, professional and higher education courses for thousands of individuals and employers throughout Norfolk and beyond.

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Supporting the local economy

Our college has made a significant contribution to the local economy. City College Norwich has provided successive generations of students with the skills needed by employers and during 2016 we will highlight the contribution the college has made to different sectors and industries and the people who have been part of this legacy.

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More than you might think

You might be surprised by our history and by the incredible breadth and quality of education the college continues to offer to this day. We are fond of saying there is more than you might think at City College Norwich.

Join our 125th anniversary celebrations and we are sure you will start to see why...

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Latest Stories

Here you will find the story of City College Norwich, told through the memories of people connected with our college, both past and present. Our story is a remarkable one. Uncover 125 years of history, discover remarkable achievements, be inspired by outstanding individuals and be amused by the unexpected and lesser-known tales. Read on to discover more than you might remember, more than you can imagine, more than a college.

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Share your memories, follow the story, re-connect with old friends – there are lots ways to get involved in our anniversary celebrations. Our anniversary is all about the people connected with our college and we want you to join the celebrations.

Share your stories

Whatever your connection with City College Norwich, we would love to hear from you!

Share your stories and memories, and let us know what you have gone on to do in your subsequent career. We will include as many as we can in our 125th anniversary celebrations.

You can also share any old pictures from your college days that you might have – or you can include a more recent picture showing what you are doing now.

Write to us

If you prefer you can write to us, enclosing any hard copy photos you are willing to share (which we will return to you after making a scanned copy).

Please address written correspondence to:

New Media,
Marketing and Communications Department,
City College Norwich, Ipswich Road,
Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 2LJ.

Follow the story

Follow the story on our CCN125Years Facebook page and @CCN125Years on twitter.

Here you will find details of our 125th anniversary events, photos, videos and stories from students and staff, past and present, and other hidden gems from the college archives.

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Share your pictures, tell us where you are now, connect with former CCN friends and colleagues. Tag @CCN125 or use the hashtag #CCN125 in your posts.

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