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Former students can make excellent role models for current students, your life experiences could help motivate and inspire current students to feel more confident in making decisions about their future.
Join our alumni and find out how you can help as this year we aim to run a series of events where current students can meet former students to improve their knowledge of the world of work.
Perhaps you can act as a career and education role model or provide work experience. You may prefer to become a mentor in person or online. If that is not possible then you can help with donations, fundraising or even apply to become a governor.
You can choose how and when you help!

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Brenda’s memories of Higher Education at City College Norwich

From City College Norwich student in the late 60’s, Brenda Arthur went on to become Lord Mayor of Norwich presenting at the HE Graduation ceremony in 2015.

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Nadine’s memories of working and studying at City College Norwich

Nadine Gage started college as an individual with high anxiety nervous of completing presentations to become a valued member of City College’s staff who set up a peer mentoring project!

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Paula’s A Levels memories

Paula Mildenhall started out doing her A Levels at City College Norwich in 1984 and then the world has been her oyster literally! From Women of the year to a PhD she has made quite an impact!

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Wayne’s memories of studying Hospitality Management

Wayne enrolled to a 4-year sandwich non-honours degree course in 1990 which was converted to an Honours degree course when he was part way through leading to an upper second! He shares fun times in Hong Kong before he returned to the UK and now resides in County Durham.

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