Rebecca working at Norwich Prison

A Levels: Rebecca’s re-inventing herself from a bullied 16 year old to a professional Educational Manager!

Starting at college, Rebecca Perry was just 16 years old and initially came to undertake her A Levels. She had an aptitude for education and certainly a passion which still remains with her today. She liked it so much at college that despite some brief interludes with other education providers and employers she hasn’t been able to leave us and is now a very successful Planning and Performance Programme Manager at the college.

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Duncan Sailing the Seven Seas

A Levels: Duncan communicating his photography and travels from college to the other side of the world and back!

Duncan’s story is one starting with communications, lots of photography, travels, the Royal Marines, sailing the seven seas and finally ending where it all began back in Communications. It’s a story full of adventure including him saving the lives of several Nicaraguan fishermen after Hurricane Mitch blitzed its way through the region!

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Girl engineers on positive discrimination course

Engineering and Science: Scientifically minded to Engineer our way to the future………

Engineering and Science advances can be traced back to ancient times – just look at the feats of the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks (far ahead of their times!).
We may not go that far back, but, Engineering and Science have

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Champagne reception at the Town Hall with the Lord Mayor

Hospitality: Paul’s story, an exchange trip that went on for years!

Paul Ward and his colleague Ian Middleton arranged the first cultural exchange trip for Hospitality and Catering students at City College Norwich which became an annual event for a further 15 years. Students experienced life in France, a bit of a culture shock but there was the highlight of Champagne receptions at the Town Hall!

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Steve Bacon 1982 ws

Hair and Beauty: Steve’s story – Going back to my roots!

City College Norwich’s hairdressing course leader, Steve Bacon, has worked at City College Norwich for 29 years. He even studied hairdressing at the college in 1977! Steve tells us his story about his hairdressing and education career and how the

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