Vintage Bicycle

Apprenticeships: John’s story: From no formal qualifications at 15 to a professional engineer…and a 10 mile bike journey!

John Martin left school at 15 years old in December 1959 with no formal qualifications. He then started his remarkable journey to becoming a professional engineer by obtaining an apprenticeship with Eastern Electricity starting in September 1960.
The first 9

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Apprenticeships: Gordan’s Story – Empowered, finding his way with an eclectic mix of pop revolution and now almost retired!

Gordon Keable completed a 5 year apprenticeship in printing with day release at City College Norwich and its now 50 years since he originally started attending the college.
The Printing Department had just moved from the ‘Art School’ on St

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Students protest cockroach infestation

Cockroaches in the cookers at Southwell Lodge – or even on your face if you were particularly unlucky!

It was the Spring of 1976 and Southwell Lodge, which was home of student residences at City College Norwich, was subject to an infestation of cockroaches – not the type of critter that you want to be sharing your kitchen

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The Assembly Hall at Norwich Technical School

Apprenticeships: David’s story – Suitcases for books, cold showers and the dreaded school canteen!

David Coe left school at 15 years old and started work doing a five year engineering apprenticeship until he was 21.
Prior to this he was at the Norwich Technical School (otherwise known as “the Junior Tech”) which had formed

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City College Norwich Apprenticeship Awards

Celebrating the success of apprentices – City College Norwich Apprentice Awards

Apprenticeships are a major part of City College Norwich and tomorrow night we will celebrate the outstanding success and achievement of apprentices at our annual Apprentice Awards – and there’s certainly lots to shout about!
In its third year, the

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